Brand story – KEEP COOL US

About The Brand

KEEP COOL suggests cool life-stylized skincare combining ideal solutions based on "natural ingredients" developed by KEEPCOOL's own special technology and Northern European style (Nordic) design with competitive prices. KEEP COOL believes in the sophistication of keeping things simple. Each product line is specially designed for three different skin types: Dry skin, dull skin, and sensitive skin.


KEEP COOL believes the secret to healthy and beautiful skin is optimal skin temperature. At the heart of Keep Cool is the 'Cool Keeper Complex' a unique ingredient blend created by combining three natural antipyretic herbs used in traditional Korean Medicine, which maintains the appropriate skin temperature to a healthy skin condition. Not only will consumers have a COOL life using KEEP COOL products but the products with literally cool their skin.

Eco-Friendly Values

For a sustainable future, KEEP COOL has started the process of adopting environmentally friendly paper packaging made from eco-friendly biodegradable (soy ink) and FSC certified paper for forest protection.
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