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Shine Pure Tone Up Cream
A light cream with a non-sticky formula which provides a thin and fast-absorbing veil of moisture. It locks in hydration and smooth out fine lines as it fights off free radicals and improves overall skin tone. An all-in-one multipurpose cream...
Shine Fixence Mist 1 review
Shine Fixence Mist
An all-in-one mist that keeps skin moisturized, fresh and bright all day. A fine mist that works as a makeup setting spray, essence and toner! The dual-phase oil-water formulation infused with pearl extracts ensures that skin is hydrated and glowy...
Shine Intensive Brightening Mask
Brightening sheet mask that fits comfortably on the face and feels like a second-skin. Fast-absorbing essences are packed with a blend of ingredients to radiate true glow and radiance from within. Relieves fatigue and restores luminous skin in just a...
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